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New Clues from our AncestryDNA Ethnicity

When some of us were sleeping on the night of Wednesday 13th/Thursday 14th April 2022 - Ancestry rolled out an update to our Ethnicity results. We get updates every now and then, my last one was September 2021 and before that July 2020. As science and technology advances, the information a service can provide us changes. So most of us are used to this change and getting updates from all the DNA companies about our Ethnicity. But this one comes with steak knives, you know those wait there is more adverts? The more   you will be finding along with this Ethnicity update is called SideView™ technology , showing us our ‘ethnicity inheritance’ . Here is what mine looks like. This new technology gives Ancestry scientists an ability to show us which side of our family our Ethnicity Regions came from, without having tested our parents: Don't forget to scroll down and because it is the first time - remember to read the help information in the right hand panel: My Dad came from South East En

RootsTech 2022 #ChooseConnection

One of the things I look forward to at RootsTech is the new technology and tools that are released. On a huge scale the various digitising companies are using machine learning to read handwriting - on those documents we love to get our hands on - we had the 1921 UK Census come out in January 2022 and no doubt my USA genie friends are looking forward to the 1950 USA census release later this month. What about something closer to home? Researching a number of unknown photographs that had belonged to my maternal grandmother, turned my casual interest in Family History into an addiction. I look back now and see how much I was striving to find connections within those photographs - and eventually to find someone other than my father whom I looked like. I grew up as an only child of an adopted mother, living with my parents and my maternal grandmother in her family home. Sadly Grandma ( Ada Irene Douglass nee King b 1884 ) died when I was 7 years old. My father had left his home in England y

Be Quick about your Ancestry Quick Links

As new features roll out on websites, developers have to make room for changes, and what often happens is that rarely used features move or may even disappear. One of my favourite tools on the Ancestry home page for many years has been the Quick Links feature and the upgrade which is being rolled out is going to limit Quicks Links once the updated site is bedded down. So NOW is the time to think about this feature. If you already use it - it is time to review, if you have never used it - now is the time to check it out and see if you "wish you had known about it earlier" . This is the notice on the recently updated home page: Why use it? Quick links is a tool which directly takes you to specific Ancestry Datasets or Collections. I have a long list of specific data sets that I regularly use for UK, Australia and New Zealand as they rarely turn up near the top of any global search and require a bit of filtering to find. As I use many datasets for these countries on a regular