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RootsTech 2023 Day One Ancestry News

Ancestry released two new product upgrades at RootsTech today. Storymaker Studio DNA Compare Storymaker Studio will be of particular interest to those who would like to work with other family members to work together to publish family stories using a range of digital tools. To quote the company press release: "Storymaker Studio it’s easier than ever to turn those stories, combined with personal family memories and heirlooms, into engaging, shareable content. Storymaker Studio is a centralized, one-stop destination to curate facts, images, records and memories and tell the stories of your family history. With this new tool, members can upload and enhance photos and images, record and upload audio files (for the first time on Ancestry), integrate photos with audio, and publish their Ancestry Stories to their trees, on their personal social channels and within the Ancestry community. We all have a storyteller inside us but with Storymaker Studio you can become the storymaker for y

RootsTech 2023 - getting ready

 It's that time of year again - and three years since the last face to face event combining genealogy, technology and innovation at Salt Lake City. RootsTech 2023 There is a huge virtual component - so wherever you are you can access the virtual exhibition hall and many of the presentations . Or head to the RootsTech home page Lots of snow still on the ground - so much cooler than Sydney! Apart from imagining flying across the planet to attend in person and experience the change in seasons, there are things you can prepare for if you haven't already. Download the new RootsTech app Build your online playlist for watching live and on demand - many of the sessions are pre-recorded and you have a long time after the event to watch these. The new app for Android or iOS - search for RootsTech2023. The links to watch the live sessions are within the Classes area - you can use the "Type" filter to find Live Webinars. My recommendati