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RootsTech 2022 #ChooseConnection

One of the things I look forward to at RootsTech is the new technology and tools that are released. On a huge scale the various digitising companies are using machine learning to read handwriting - on those documents we love to get our hands on - we had the 1921 UK Census come out in January 2022 and no doubt my USA genie friends are looking forward to the 1950 USA census release later this month. What about something closer to home? Researching a number of unknown photographs that had belonged to my maternal grandmother, turned my casual interest in Family History into an addiction. I look back now and see how much I was striving to find connections within those photographs - and eventually to find someone other than my father whom I looked like. I grew up as an only child of an adopted mother, living with my parents and my maternal grandmother in her family home. Sadly Grandma ( Ada Irene Douglass nee King b 1884 ) died when I was 7 years old. My father had left his home in England y