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Finally made it to my first genealogy webinar. Thanks Dear Myrtle . Makes for an early start to the day on our side of the planet. :-) Good to see someone using software it is so much easier to understand all the benefits and some draw backs too!

In Memory of Eric

I grew up in a small household, with just my parents and my grandmother Ada Irene DOUGLASS (née KING). From a young age I knew that my mother, Erica Rosemary DOUGLASS, was named after Grandma’s cousin who died in WWI, her “cousin’s” name was Eric Hugh BARKER. When I became addicted to genealogy some years ago I finally realized that Eric was Erica’s second cousin rather than Grandma’s first cousin. I also finally realised that mum’s middle name Rosemary, was for Remembrance – I can’t believe for over 40 years I didn’t make the “Rosemary for Remembrance” connection! Eric Hugh BARKER was born in Sydney in 1886 into a large extended family on his father’s side which included many 3 rd and 4 th generation Australians. It was a time when Australia lived on the sheep’s back and the 1890’s depression and the Great War to end all wars were not on the horizon. Eric was the first born to Dr Theodore Hugh BARKER and his English wife Edith May née EMBELIN. Theo and Edith were mar

Experiment failed

Interesting to see I started this blog just after the first NZ Family History Fair , I was very enthused from the Fair. Turns out I got really involved in the next Fair, coming up this August, so no blogging. :-( Time to change this...


Hi This is an experiment really, how much typing can one person stand (or should I say sit) to do about one branch of family. I am hoping this will build to be a resource for all those researching our PATIENT family also spelt PASHION, PAYSHENT, PATIENCE and I am sure some of you can add more... So over time we can add our info here to share. Michelle Patient