Monday, November 07, 2011

Christmas Wish List

While working on the next "genie and the net" article for the NZSG magazine, "The New Zealand Genealogist" this morning, I keep coming across a lot of technology news for genealogists and thought some of these are great Christmas gifts. So rather than wait for the magazine - which you wont see till February 2012, decided to post here. 

1) NZSG Kiwi Index - this NZSG members CD with over 8 Million NZ records speaks for itself, if you can wait till Xmas Day for yours...

2) Flip Pal - this is a great little scanner with lots of uses for genealogists. During November 7 geneabloggers are trialing this portable scanner and blogging the results.

Here is a post about the scanner and the blogs involved. Worth clicking on the blogs for tips and hints.

Many of you will find the tips suggested useful. Like set the date and time the FIRST time you turn it one BEFORE you use it - for those who never read the manual first ;-) And not just for genie things, useful on holidays to scan things like tickets, theatre programmes etc for scrapbooking when you get home - rather than putting them in your luggage

This quote from Marian Pierre-Louis made me think how useful it is.
"...held the Flip Pal right up to the computer screen and scanned it. Amazing. She showed us many microfilms scans she had done to prove the quality of how it comes out. I was astounded. That will be hugely helpful."

The flip pal is on my wish list. 

3) Ipad, android tablet or a smart phone....

Apps for your android tablet/phone, iphone or ipad that have a genie bent are becoming more and more available. Such as Ancestry app for android - here is a review

There are lots of genie apps for iphones and ipads. I particularly like the video's showing their features.

Like Reunion for ipad can automatically create a pdf file of a section of your tree and then email it to share. Even if you dont have an ipad this short video is worth the watching...

You might want to check out your genealogy database software's website to see what apps on which platforms are available. Taking battery life and the Reunion app on board an ipad is on my wish list.

Got any items on your wish list?

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